Sunday School


Our Children’s Sunday School classes are designed to teach God’s Word and its lessons at a pre-school and elementary school level.  While our nurseries are not typical Sunday School classes, they stress Christian values and provide opportunities for our very little ones to obtain the understanding that they can at that age of Jesus and what He has done and continues to do for us.


The Middle School and High School classes both meet initially in the Youth Room each Sunday morning for prayer, and the High School class relocates to their classroom for study and discussion.


The Seekers class is an exciting Sunday School class for singles and couples alike who have moved up from the Young Adults. It is a fun-spirited class where adults study God’s Word together and participate in different activities and gatherings to strengthen fellowship and relationships with one another.


The Doers Sunday School Class is an adult Bible Study class for median age adults – both couples and singles.  The class holds several functions throughout the year that not only benefit the class, but the church as a whole.

Why “doers”?  Our class name is taken from James 1:22, ‘Be ye doers of the word, not hearers only’.

Our goals as a class are threefold:

    1. Worship – to glorify Jesus Christ

    2. Walk – to be more like Jesus Christ

    3. Witness – to tell others about Jesus Christ

If you are looking for a group Bible Study where you can discuss relevant Bible application and fellowship with other believers join us each Sunday morning at 9:45, we love to make new friends, and we’d love to have you join us!

Adult 1

The Adult I class consists of single men and women as well as couples that have moved on from the Doers class to continue their study of God’s Word.


The Gleaners class is a women’s Sunday School class intended for those women that have moved on from the Adult I class who enjoy fellowship and studying God’s Word with other ladies that have gone through similar life experiences.

Men's Bible Class

The Men’s Bible class is a Sunday morning Bible study for those that have moved on from the Adult I class and enjoy studying God’s Word with other men who share similar life experiences.